Quality comes first

Located in Lyon, Toulouse, Montpellier, Annecy and Chamonix, our five schools have been teaching French for over 25 years and have the best reputation in their respective regions. They have all been awarded the “QUALITÉ FLE” label and are members of the Campus France forum. Located in the heart of the city, with more than 40 classrooms, most of which are air-conditioned, our schools welcome no less than 6,000 students every year. The schools of the KLF • Keep Learning French group are distinguished by the quality of their teaching and by the great diversity of their students: a mix of objectives (academic or university needs, professional motivations or simply for pleasure), levels (from complete beginner to C2 level), ages (from 16 to 85 years old) and cultures (each year students from more than 100 different countries follow our courses). In each school, there is an extraordinary atmosphere thanks to the kindness of the staff and also thanks to the welcoming living spaces: garden, library, computer room in magnificent rooms. In addition to a very high standard teaching programme, the schools provide their students with complete accommodation solutions, with the emphasis on an immersive stay with a host family. It is also possible to stay in a student residence, flat or shared flat. Finally, and because we offer our students a rich and comprehensive experience, a varied programme of activities is offered every week: sports, arts & culture, gastronomy. In KLF Group French schools, French is learned in the classrooms but also in moments of relaxation.

Accessibility for everyone

The schools are concerned about welcoming all its students, including those with any kind of disability. The premises are adapted for wheelchairs and are equipped with a lift (when necessary). In each school, a representative is present to provide the best possible support for students with disabilities. Once at school, they are fully integrated and enjoy the same benefits as all learners.

Continuous innovation

The KLF • Keep Learning French group devotes a lot of energy and resources to innovation. The group is constantly innovating at the pedagogical level in order to offer its learners an optimised learning performance. Highly invested in digital issues, the schools offer their students an e-Learning platform that reinforces face-to-face lessons and is also used outside the classroom or in autonomous mode. Beyond this, KLF also innovates in order to constantly adapt to changes in a sector that evolves with its time..