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The KLF network • Keep Learning French is a physical and digital education platform 100% dedicated to French as a foreign language (FLE).

Learning French in France

Our five French language schools Lyon Bleu International, Langue Onze Toulouse, LSF-IEF Montpellier and Ifalpes Annecy / Chamonix receive nearly 6,000 international students each year for French language immersion courses.
Lyon Bleu International Lyon Bleu International was created in 1999 and chose to set up in the heart of Lyon, in the 6th district near the Parc de la Tête d’or in a quiet and chic area, on a main metro line, 10 minutes walk from the historic centre. In a friendly and modern environment, Lyon Bleu International welcomes around 2500 students of more than 80 nationalities each year in 16 classrooms on a 650m² ground floor, accessible to people with reduced mobility. The satisfaction of our students is at the heart of the daily work of the Lyon Bleu International team. Our mission: to offer you quality French courses, to help you at any time, before and during your French course, to ensure you have a wonderful experience and memories, in accordance with the time and budget you wish to invest in your stay.
Lyon Bleu International Ecole de FLE
Learn French in Montpellier
LSF-IEF Montpellier The school was created in 1996 and is located in the heart of the historic district at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe. The warm and relaxed atmosphere allows students to get to know each other quickly and to communicate easily with the LSF team. Our school offers students the opportunity to have a very personal experience and to make many new friends. The fantastic mix of nationalities contributes greatly to this very friendly atmosphere, and allows our students to use French as a means of communication among themselves.
Langue Onze Toulouse Langue Onze was founded in 1991 and is ideally located in the historic heart of Toulouse, in a dynamic and charming area. Just a few minutes’ walk from the Place du Capitole, our school is easily accessible, at the crossroads of public transport.   Our professional and dynamic team welcomes our students all year round in a warm and friendly atmosphere to guarantee them an unforgettable learning experience. Our students benefit from personalised attention through our French courses and comprehensive services (accommodation; cultural programme; tutoring; assistance with administrative procedures, etc.). Our teachers are all native speakers, qualified and experienced. They are passionate about their work and their varied interests such as theatre, cinema, literature, music, etc., which allow them to enrich and energise their teaching of French.
Langue Onze Toulouse
Learn French in Annecy
IFALPES Annecy The Annecy school was created in 1992 and is located in the city centre, 10 minutes walk from Lake Annecy. As a school on a human scale, our students appreciate the conviviality and the atmosphere that reigns at IFALPES, in the classes as well as in the breaks and activities. The school is a place of exchange and openness with students from all over the world who have the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange daily in French. This mix of cultures and nationalities makes IFALPES a unique place to practice and progress rapidly in French.
IFALPES Chamonix In the heart of the Alps, at the foot of Mont Blanc (4810 m), the highest mountain in Western Europe, lies Chamonix, the capital of extreme sports. Chamonix has become a mecca for adventurous mountain sports. Today, Chamonix has a permanent population of about 10,000. During the summer and winter seasons, this number increases dramatically to about 100,000 inhabitants and visitors. Chamonix is a nice mix of tourists, seasonal workers and extreme sports enthusiasts, all with a common interest in the mountains. You can meet the world’s best climber at the supermarket and watch your favourite skier do extreme lines right from the lift. Chamonix is the place to be!
Ifalpes Chamonix école de FLE

Learn French online

Online group courses

Cours de français en groupe
The aim of the online group courses is to provide learners with the essential lexical and grammatical tools to communicate in French by working on the five skills necessary to acquire a language: listening comprehension, oral production, oral interaction, written comprehension and written production. Teachers provide the tools necessary for our learners to be able to interact on a daily basis by sharing their experiences and opinions. Our online courses also allow you to discover the cultural and social specificities of French and French-speaking countries and to debate on the major current issues of the day.

Online private lessons

Cours de français particulier en ligne
In private lessons, our learners are constantly assisted by their teacher who shares with them the course notes, documents used in class and exercises to be done. He/she answers each of their questions and proposes a correction to all the homework done. Learners have unlimited access to the e-learning platform for the duration of your course. They can therefore work independently and at their own pace while following the advice of their tutor to develop or deepen their skills: grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, written production, written and oral comprehension and phonetics.

Online exam preparation

Préparation examens de français en ligne
These diplomas are internationally recognised and are valid for an unlimited period of time. They facilitate professional integration throughout the world (level B1) and allow entry to French universities (level B2) and Grandes Ecoles (engineering, business). In addition to their private tuition, learners follow the specific exam preparation course on our e-learning platform. Throughout their course, they have the opportunity to ask questions to their teacher who systematically answers them, advises and assists them at all times. These courses require a lot of work and investment on the part of the students.

Learn French on your own

French e-Learning platform Our e-Learning platform has 400 modules, more than 5,000 exercises as well as specific modules (French exams, cooking, cinema…). More than 6,000 learners have used it since its launch. It is systematically used in face-to-face classrooms in order to offer learners optimised learning.

Find a French teacher anywhere in the world

Platform Our platform allows you to find the best French teachers based near you. Online or face-to-face training.

Preparation for official French exams

Platform Our platform offers learners from all over the world the opportunity to prepare for the most popular French exams with a success rate of 94%.

Our certifications and accreditations

"Price is forgotten, quality remains" - Arthur SCHOPENHAUER

The schools of the KLF • Keep Learning French group are recognised for the quality of their services.
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The KLF – Keep Learning French network has 50 employees in its schools, all of whom are passionate about their work and fully dedicated to teaching French as a foreign language and organizing language stays. The 25 permanent teachers are all graduates of a Master 1 & 2 in French as a Foreign Language, have a great experience and are native speakers of French. The objective of the schools is to allow you to reach your objectives in learning the French language and to give you an unforgettable experience. Welcome to France, welcome to our schools.

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